How the meter works

Discover your compatibility with Dr. Jane’s COMPATIBILITY METER. You and your friend are asked, “How important are the following relationship characteristics to you?” Answers to either a short 10-item list or longer 18-item list are then calculated to reveal similarities, differences, and a comparison of scores on Love, Loyalty, Shared Family Values, as well as an “overall compatibility” score. Dr. Jane's Compatibility Meter iPhone app The answers you and your friend give are parsed by the meter to provide an estimate of your scores for the love, loyalty, and shared family values factors. There are then presented for both you and your friend to review.

Dr. Jane’s COMPATIBILITY METER gives you the ability to review each question. The answers given by you and your friend are displayed in rank order of differences. Research finds that the importance assigned to the three factors is linked to the marital or relationship satisfaction we all seek.

High scores mean a particular aspect is important to you or your friend. Scores that match imply greater compatibility and the prospect for a more stable relationship in the future.

Depending on how good the match is, you may or may not wish to pursue the relationship further. But more likely, these differences will give you and your friend an opportunity to talk and to get to know each other better before you decide on that next step.

 Finding the right person for a long-term relationship is important to all of us.

Dr. Jane recommends that you pursue the discussion of your similarities and differences.

Download Dr. Jane’s COMPATILITY METER.