Are you compatible?

Are you compatible? Find out with Dr. Jane's Compatibility MeterCompatible couples are happier.

Find out if you and your friend are compatible. Dr. Jane’s COMPATIBILITY METER™ relationship application is an easy-to-use iPhone app. It reveals a couple’s compatibility. It’s very concise but scientifically sound.

You’ll see a simple graphic presentation of how much each person rates three primary factors—love, loyalty, and shared family values—and the degree to which the you and your friend’s ratings match.

Use the results to start a conversation for enhanced intimacy and understanding. Or you can make decisions about how far your relationship will proceed base on how compatible you are.

It’s fun and reliably informative. Dr. Jane’s COMPATIBILITY METER is an abbreviated version of a more comprehensive and scientifically validated marital satisfaction assessment.

Download Dr. Jane’s COMPATIBILITY METER and you can share it with as many friends and acquaintances as you choose. It’s a quick individual assessment instrument.  Use it casually in any social setting or between to committed partners.

The app features retro heart-shaped gauges. Its analog-style needles point into the red for degrees of difference and into the green for degrees of similarity between individuals. Couples receive an overall compatibility score and three more compatibility ratings.

Differences are graphically depicted with easy-to-read heart graphs. When completed, the couple has an accurate score of their compatibility. This is based on levels of importance for factors proven to predict success in long-term relationships. Couples may decide to continue their relationship or move on.Either way, it’s designed to facilitate healthy conversations about their similarities and differences and perhaps improve the relationship.

Dr. Jane’s Compatibility Meter is available for download from the iPhone App Store for $1.99 for unlimited use.

With its whimsical name and user interface, Dr. Jane’s Compatibility Meter is fun and easy to use, but it’s a true psychological instrument, backed by peer-reviewed data and clinical use.